Trouble accessing this site?

I know some people have had a little trouble accessing this website at times. For reasons I don’t yet understand, it appears that just using the link is sometimes not enough. Appending index.html to the end of that address seems to work every time I try it.

If you’ve been having trouble, then try bookmarking this link:

About Josh Renaud

Josh Renaud is married to Yoli and together they have four beautiful niñitos. Find him on Twitter (@Kirkman) or Google+.
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2 Responses to Trouble accessing this site?

  1. Michelle says:

    I had been having trouble accessing the site; I’m glad it’s not just because I’m technically challenged, he he.
    It’s been interesting reading about your adventures there in Bolivia.

  2. Oliver and Karey says:

    Nanny sends her love!! She hounds me everyday to print out your latest entry. We are all really looking forward to meeting Yoli very soon.