The interminable wait

I’m learning lots about patience these days, far more than I ever wanted to know.

You see, to bring Yoli here to the U.S. so we can marry is not a simple task. It involves forms and interviews and evidence and other stuff.

Our first order of business is to get her a “Fiancee Visa” which will allow her to come here and marry me. We applied for this visa at the end of March. The tough part is that our application was sent to the slowest of all the visa processing centers in the U.S.

Yes, Nebraska (or the “NSC” as it is known on various immigration websites and newsgroups) is called “the prison” because applications sent there seemed to be locked up forever. If I lived on the east coast near the Vermont Service Center, we’d probably already have our visa (and be married!) by now.

But I live in Missouri, and I don’t believe in accidents. So I’m trusting that there is a reason for all this waiting…

NSC is just now beginning to process early February visa apps. So we probably have 1-2 more months before our visa is approved.

We are hoping and praying for an October wedding, but we’re being realistic. Our wedding plans are not terribly complex and can easily be changed if the dates don’t work out. Hotel and plane tickets on the other hand are not quite so easily changed, so I haven’t purchased any yet.

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  1. It was great to see you in the photos and catch up on what is happening. Josh, you have no idea of how great a girl you’re getting. May the Lord bless.

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