These are photos taken with my camera during our trip to Bolivia the week of the wedding. These are all photos you haven’t seen before, so enjoy!


Yoli shakes hands with a monkey at the Santa Cruz Zoo.


Yoli with her Uncle Adonai and a new puppy.


Adonai’s parrots and puppies are one big happy family.


At the surprise bachelor party thrown for me by Yoli’s brothers-in-law.






My parents, Yoli, and I at Casa Hogar Nacer a home for street kids. It’s a beautiful place that really changes the lives of these boys.


Stopping for gas on the way to the city of Samaipata (after visiting Hogar Nacer). My parents are in the cab of the truck, Yoli and I in the back. An old lady came out of her house and brought with her a drum of gasoline. It was my job to hold the gasoline on the bed of the truck while our driver siphoned gas into his tank. (It’s a good thing I never took up cigarette smoking.)

About Josh Renaud

Josh Renaud is married to Yoli and together they have four beautiful niñitos. Find him on Twitter (@Kirkman) or Google+.
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2 Responses to MORE PHOTOS

  1. Elo says:

    yoli look so tiny HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! 😉 LOVE YOU YOLI

  2. Fernando Chu says:

    While searching for Bolivian restaurant in Texas ended up reading your journey-adventure to Bolivia. Nice pictures,Josh! Remind me my childhood.
    Chau! Fernando