Wednesday in photos 3: Tio Adonai’s house

Wednesday evening we visited Yoli’s tio Adonai. He and his wife Miriam have three puppies, a cat, and a parrot. Jadzia and Ludi had a fun time, though Jadzia got too silly at the end of the visit and wouldn’t speak Spanish very well.

Here’s Yoli and Jadzia during the bus ride home

About Josh Renaud

Josh Renaud is married to Yoli and together they have four beautiful niñitos. Find him on Twitter (@Kirkman) or Google+.
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2 Responses to Wednesday in photos 3: Tio Adonai’s house

  1. anita says:

    It looks like Ludi and Uncle Adonai were having a great time together. I love that picture.

  2. Carol says:

    Josh, what a whirlwind trip there in Bolivia! Looks like Jadzia is having a wonderful time. I pray for endurance for you and Yoli to keep up with the girls!
    Love you,
    Aunt Carol