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Tio Adonay and Tia Miriam

We decided to visit Tio Adonay’s crypt at the cemetery on Wednesday morning. Yoli’s sister Sara came over with her son César, and she would take us there.

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Visiting a farm… 250,000 people declaring autonomy from the national government… Yoli getting her hair cut very short… being tempted to buy pirate movies on VCD… Yes, we’ve been seeing and doing it all during our time in Santa Cruz.

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You asked for photos, you’re getting photos

I just got back 50 digital images on CD. Oh yeah, baby… 500 megs of photographic beauty. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure. I’m on the roof of a building near the Basílica Menor de San Lorenzo.

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Too much sitting numbs my bum

On Sunday we had made plans to visit Yoli’s uncle Adonai again, since he told us that weekends are the best time to come by. We had some breakfast and then spent time together talking about Ecclesiastes chapter 3, which … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy gives us a headache instead of fixing a knee

A few days ago, Yoli hurt her knee somehow when standing up to leave a restaurant. We’re not sure exactly what happened, but it swelled the next day and she couldn’t bend it much. Her family tried several different creams, … Continue reading

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