A rollercoaster day

Today was a mix of emotions. I was delighted to get an hour to chat with Yoli online this morning and to find out that our god-child was delivered safely last night. She doesn’t have a name yet, so I suggested a few names from the Bible.

But unfortunately, other things happened that clouded my day.

I visited the doctor and found out I have a throat infection, so I’ll need 10 days of antibiotics. Worse, this means I’ll have to delay getting immunizations for the trip. It may also mean that I need to delay the trip a week in order to do everything properly. This is all my fault, I should have looked into what was necessary for immunizations months ago. Well, planning has never been one of my strongest suits.

I decided to try and get some work done today for some of my web clients. But my efforts were hampered by some dumbos in UMSL’s Information Technology Services department.

UMSL traditionally uses semester breaks to do maintenance on servers, and this year was no different. They emailed everyone a list of servers that they planned to take offline for maintenance. The server I used for email (called Admiral) was not on that list. So imagine my surprise today when I can’t access my email and I call the University they tell me Admiral is being worked on. Wonderful.

I’ve also decided to begin pursuing other leads for a laptop Mac, since the guy I originally had a deal with seems to have fallen off the face of the earth. Unfortunately, since my email address wasn’t working, I may have lost potential sellers’ emails. Well, I am praying that God will work it out so that I can have a laptop in the price range I can afford before I go on my trip.

In any case, I am making progress in finding travel insurance. I wish I didn’t have to buy it, but it will give my family peace of mind and it will help them if anything were to happen to me.