Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve, and all’s quiet here. I spent the last hour and a half tweaking the stylesheets for this weblog, and I think I’ve finally found a format that I like.

The main thing on my mind is going to Bolivia and seeing Yoli again. I miss her very much.

I hope to use this weblog to talk about what’s going on while I’m down there. I know it will give some of my family members peace of mind to be able to read that I’m doing okay. Plus, it will probably be cheaper to update this weblog than to make overseas phone calls.

Of course there is always the strong possibility that I will procrastinate and fail to update this thing regularly. But I’ll try my best to post a little every day or so.

Anyway, the trip is still about 2 weeks away. But there are things to do — get immunized, fill my allergy prescriptions and get a few medicines to take with me (Orudis for aches and some sort of anti-diarrhea medicine), finalize my plane tickets, and purchase a laptop computer.

Actually, the latter is a source of consternation right now. I had found a guy who agreed to sell me his iBook for $650. He told me he shipped it, but it hasn’t arrived yet, and I have had difficulty reaching him. Well, I’ll keep trying to reach him, but if I can’t, I’ll spend my money somewhere else.

Well, I suppose I should finish writing this and get to bed. Christmas is tomorrow, and with any luck I’ll get some nice presents. 🙂