About money…

To answer my dad’s question about currency and exchange rates…. Here the currency is the Boliviano (the “b”, pronounced “bee”). There are 7.52 Bs to 1 US dollar.

We did a lot of shopping today (Thursday) in the market and I tried to compare with the U.S., but the problem is that I don’t remember exact US prices for most stuff. We did see a pair of nice-looking binoculars for $33.

Food is fairly cheap, though my favorite US cereals (the ones with fruits and crunchies, etc) are expensive since most people here don’t eat cereal.

A ride on any bus on its route across the city costs 1.50Bs, so it’s pretty cheap to get around. You just have to endure sometimes very bumpy roads, breakneck daredevil driving, and sometimes crowded interiors.

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  1. Josh, you should be used to the breakneck daredevil driving….lol=)
    Just a little humor from the brother who had to many scary trips with his older brother

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