The trip draws nearer…

Justin’s wedding this weekend and an online chat with Yoli this morning have really got me excited about this trip. This morning I corresponded with Yoli’s friend Maria Esther and her fiancee Mark about their recent trip to Bolivia. Mark was able to give me a very helpful perspective.

Also, today I got one step closer to owning a PowerBook. The guy I’ve been negotiating with shipped it off today, and it should arrive before Friday. We’re doing the transaction COD, so I’ll pay for it when it is delivered. This machine should be great: 1gig of ram, 500MHz G3, CD-RW and ZIP drives… Much better than what I’m using right now.

So, to prepare, I went out and bought a new Logitech mouse and Fireworks MX. After buying Fireworks, I believe all my software is now legit (MX replaced a kracked copy of FW4 I had been using), and I’m proud of that.

Totally unrelated: I returned two pairs of XL long johns (thermal underwear) today. I bought a L pair last year, and they’re great, but not long enough. Unfortunately, the XLs proved to be much too large. I need a LT (large tall), but the store didn’t have any. Oh well… In Bolivia I won’t need them.

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