BBS friends

I just found a cool website called BBS Mates

The idea of the site is similar to the site where you can find old friends from high school. On this site, you can find onld friends you met on various BBSes. The site has a very comprehensive list of BBSes (going back to the 1980s!).

By the way, BBSes are “Bulletin Board Systems.” Before the internet became popular among the masses, most folks would call BBSes. A BBS was a system you set up on your home computer. People could call your computer and write messages, play games, download files, etc. The greatest appeal was that BBSes had mostly local users (since long distance calls cost $$) and some BBSes even had regular get-togethers or parties.

I was part of the St. Louis BBS scene during my teen years from 1993-1998 or so.