I made chicha!

Chicha was one of my favorite drinks while I was in Bolivia… Yoli’s mom made it very well, and we also would get it when we would go out to eat at the little neighborhood restaurants.

So this week I tried to make it myself twice… Yoli gave me general directions, but as she says, Bolivians don’t use recipes… they just add and mix until everything looks right.

My first try wasn’t perfect. But the second try was much better… What did I do?

1. Add 5 whole cloves, 1 cinnamon stick, and 8 spoonfuls of sugar to 4 cups of water. Bring to a boil.

2. While waiting for that to boil, add 1-3 spoonfuls of corn flour to half a cup of water in a separate container. Mix thoroughly.

3. When the water boils, pour the corn-flour mixture into it.

4. Continue boiling for 30 minutes while stirring.

5. Turn off heat and refrigerate!

I understand there is also a way to make chicha from peanuts. I don’t know how to do it that way, though.

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  1. Hey Josh, i see you’re having good customs now after your visit to Bolivia, keep expanding your ciusin knowledge. 😉 have you tried to prepare “empanadas” ?

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