New photos from my trip

I wasn’t the only one who took photos while I was in Bolivia… Yoli took many with her camera as well. Here are a few that she sent to me recently.

This photo was taken by a Canadian friend who volunteers at El Jordán. She gave it to Yoli as a birthday gift. This is a photo of Yoli and I near a river when our group stopped to eat during our return from Samaipata.

This is a photo of Yoli and I at a park somewhat near her home. We were walking with Lucy, Juan, and Alcides to Los Cabañas near the Piraí River.

And here we are next to the Piraí.

I propose to Yoli in Spanish while her family watches. On the left you can see Papicho; in the top right corner is Doña Lucila; at the bottom right is Lucy holding her sister Noemi’s baby, Abigaíl.

Yoli and I at a restaurant in Viru Viru Airport before I returned to the U.S.

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  1. It is amazing how in 21 years of being Josh’s brother and taken millions of pictures with him, and of him, he never once smiled normally….yet in every single one of those photos he smiled normally.
    I think it is funny how it takes a woman to get our acts together. I know that was the case for me=)
    Thanks Yoli!!!!]

  2. HI, Remember me?? Yoli, You look cute together, I wanted to read this before but did not find the time, sorry but I don’t think I can make it to your wedding take care I’ll remember you 2.
    and does the cap fit you Yoli ??

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