No NOA yet, but hope springs eternal

While we still haven’t gotten our second “Notice of Action” from the Nebraska BCIS service center, I know from checking several other websites that they are processing case numbers close to ours. I hope and expect to hear something within 2 weeks.

Once our case moves out of the black hole of Nebraska, it will move to the NVC (Nevada Visa Center, I think). There they will run our names through the FBI and CIA databases and make sure there are no red flags. This process should take a couple weeks. After that, we get approved and a packet of stuff will be sent to the American embassy in Bolivia.

Yoli will have an interview there, and if all goes well, she’ll get the visa in hand, and our wedding will proceed!

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  1. hello Josh I have been reading your site Iam engaged to a lady in santa cruz bolivia and you wrote about checking numbers in bcis can you give these sites our papers are in texas.Dios lo bendiga hermano
    Jeff Morris

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