Bolivia-bound for the boda

Earlier today, Yoli received her visa from the U.S. Embassy. This was the final hurdle in the process, and we are now free to marry!

Keep reading to learn all the dates and details…

My parents and I will fly to Santa Cruz this Sunday. On Saturday the 22nd, we will have a wedding ceremony performed by Dr. Russell Penney, the rector of Hebron Seminary. Some of you might recall from my weblog earlier this year that Rusty is the man who invited me to visit Bolivia and develop a website for the Seminary.

We will not be legally married at that time, however. Because of the nature of our visa, we will not sign any marriage papers until we are back in the States. We will arrive in Florida on Monday the 24th and get married in Miami before taking the final leg of our flight back to St. Louis. We’ll have a honeymoon and in early December my parents will host a wedding reception.

Once Yoli is safely back to Santa Cruz, she will try to post a message here about her experiences in recent weeks. So keep checking back!