Finally, photos!

Sorry it took so long, everyone, but we’ve been so enjoying our new life together that we forgot to post wedding photos on the website. We hope you enjoy these 6 photos, and rest assured that more are coming eventually.


Yoli and her father, Hector, after walking down the aisle together.


Josh puts on Yoli’s wedding ring.


After the wedding ceremony, Yoli and Josh come back down the aisle through a “tunnel” made by the wedding party.


Yoli’s brothers-in-law prepare to toss Josh to his new bride.


Josh and Yoli, together at last.


Josh puts more cake in Yoli’s mouth than she is expecting. She quickly settled the score by getting more cake and putting it all over his face.

5 Replies to “Finally, photos!”

  1. better late then never….i hope you both have a wonderful long happy happy life together and are blessed with happy children!!!!

  2. I believe Justin said this before, but it’s strange to see a picture without you making a crazy face or hamming it up.

  3. I`M SO HAPPY FOR YOU GUYS!!!!! and wow, what love can do, Josh looks soooo normal there LOLOL!!!!
    AWWWWWW, and just to think I was there when you saw each other for first time, AWWWWWW.

  4. hahaha, “normal”, hahaha. Obviously she’s never met “Squeegie Man” and his sidekick, “Windexter”

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