For unto us a child is born… err… will be born

For those who didn’t yet hear, let me make it official: Yoli is pregnant. We will have a baby this year!

We didn’t find out for certain until the day we left on this trip. That made it hard to get the word out. We didn’t post it on this website because we wanted to surprise Yoli’s family, and we didn’t want this news to reach them before we got there.

Well, technically we aren’t there yet, but we will be tomorrow. And I hope the news won’t travel faster than we will.

Anyway, we’ve already started buying “baby things” like a miniature poncho we got here in Sucre. We are excited about the future!

7 Replies to “For unto us a child is born… err… will be born”

  1. What wonderful news! I hope Yoli has an enjoyable pregnancy! It may not seem like it now, but it will go by so quickly.

  2. Hi you two!!! Congratulations!! I just knew somehow that you’d have this news this time!!! I think that’s great and how wonderful you were able to go back to Bolivia and see family and friends…..sure wish I could have been there too!! Please keep me posted as to when my little neice or nephew whill be coming!!
    Love to you both, Louise

  3. Hi Josh and Yoli.
    One of these days I’ll write you anotther e-mail. Just let pray for your child and I hope God will bless your family in the future as He has done these days. God bless you

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