PHOTOS: Santa Cruz

Photos from our time so far in Santa Cruz.

The road between Sucre and Santa Cruz is being paved. After a few hours, we reached a point where the road is closed for most of the day. Enterprising local folks have set up food stalls up and down the road for those unfortunate souls who get trapped there. We didn’t know this was coming, so we were afraid we had come to a blockade. Thankfully we only waited about 15 minutes there before the road opened and traffic started to move again.

A birthday party for Rena, secretary at the studio at Hebron Seminary

Yoli’s niece Abi and nephew Papicho

A birthday party for Yoli’s sister Eliza (bottom with her two daughters)

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  1. Yoli,
    Abi and Papicho are huge since I saw them last (or as they are in my pictures)!!!! That’s all I have to say 🙂

  2. HI , Im not sure a person can ever be satisfied with what we call normal life in Canada , after being in Bolivia . I lived there for nearly three years . I had awful times , and great times too . Bolivia is a part of my heart strings now . Thanks for makeing sites like this , Im blessed to view , I feel like I have been there . Thankyou .

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