PHOTOS: Tiwanaku

A view of the temple at Tiwanaku.

The Tiwanakan culture made lots of weird-looking head sculptures.

A Bolivian taller than me!

Yoli standing at the Sun Gate.

A donkey and some sheep enjoy the grass in the city of Tiwanaku.

We pose on top of the other ruins.

Tiwanaku’s church in the center of town. It’s quite beautiful.

3 Replies to “PHOTOS: Tiwanaku”

  1. I’m glad YOLI is NOT a weird looking head sculputre, HAHAHA. Actually I think her head is quite beautiful!!!!!!
    Wow, sure is a pretty country and lots of interesting stuff to see, that’s for sure.

  2. Do you have any closeups of the carvings around the sun god? I found a large 50’s or 60’s copper signed wallplate that is great and the image is similar to the figure at the lower right of the sun god just inside the crack in the arch. Would love a larger view of that carving to see just how similar it is to our copper plate.

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