Want to read more about Bolivia?

There is a small but growing number of interesting weblogs related in some way to Bolivia. Some are personal, some skew political, but I find them all fascinating. Here’s a list of some of those I like best. They are all written in English, so check them out!

Barrio Flores Written by the son of Bolivian immigrants. He returned and lived in Bolivia for three years. This is a personal weblog where he talks about current events in Bolivia, reminisces and reflects about his time there, and much more.

MABB Miguel A. Buitrago writes opinions and analysis about events in Latin America, the U.S. and Europe. He also writes personal stories about happenings in his daily life.

Blog from Bolivia This is definitely the most political of the weblogs I’ve been reading. It’s written by Jim Schultz of The Democracy Center, an organization based in Cochabamba that has been involved in community activism programs in Bolivia, the U.S. and worldwide. He analyzes problems and current events in Bolivia. The analysis usually comes from a left-of-center point of view, but it is always insightful and interesting.

EREMACAUSIS A Canadian family who work at an orphanage in Cochabamba. He offers an outsiders thoughtful perspective into the fascinating, frustrating, funny world of Bolivia.

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