Catch that buttercream!

Yes, my buttercream icing was very runny 🙁 I don’t know if the ingredients were different, or if it was the heat, but my butterceram was awful. Still, my students at El Jordan liked what we did.

We only had a fan in the kitchen. It felt hot. But I was very embarrassed by the quality of my buttercream. Shortening is supposed to be stable, but it was wasn’t really. Even the butter in the fridge was what we call “room temperature”. And the powdered sugar here doesn’t come mixed with cornstarch. So I don’t know, it could be many things.

Today I’m going to experiment a little more and make some changes, to see if I get a better buttercream for tomorrow. I really need to get this right, otherwise we are not going to be able to work at all.

Tomorrow we will be decorating some cupcakes in the shape of bears. I hope the girls will have fun with that. Please, remember us in your prayers.

2 Replies to “Catch that buttercream!”

  1. Wow-I didn’t realize there would be so many variables in the ingredients there. Is palm oil available? It is very solid like shortening and holds well at warmer temperatures. What about using royal icing? what kind of icing did your dad decorate with when he was making cakes?

  2. You don’t find many options here. I didn’ even know plam oil existed until you told me. My dad and other people use italina buttercream because it is very inexpensive. But I learned using buttercream, and I rather do it that way. After that the girls can experiment with whatever they want. If you read my recen entry, my buttercream got better 🙂

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