Visa situation update

Yesterday I talked with the Bolivian consulate in Washington. Apparently the Bolivian government is still working out its plans for requiring visas from Americans. The lady I spoke with said “If you’re traveling in March, you should be okay.” When I informed her I would be travelling at the beginning of April, she said “Call us back in two weeks.”

Since Yoli and Jadzia are going to Bolivia at the end of March, then, they should have no problems. It remains to be seen how the visa process will go for me, since I will depart at the beginning of April. I’m hoping the government continues to procrastinate and I can travel without needing a visa.

2 Replies to “Visa situation update”

  1. What is the latest on getting a Bolivian Visa? I plan to head down in Mid April and can find no real info anywhere? Any new news yet?

  2. Randy, try calling the Bolivian consulate in Washington DC. They will speak to you in English if you tell them you need information about the visa. (202) 232-4828 or (202) 232-4827
    You may need to call repeatedly, since they don’t always answer the phone (this problem is worse at certain other Bolivian consulates, but in DC you’ll get an answer eventually).

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