Jadzia … and heading to Samaipata

Just a little note to say that Jadzia has been miserable company the past several days. She had fever for two nights in a row (the first of those nights being Friday when I was fishing) and a persistent cough. Her fever is gone now, though she still coughs. But the more problematic thing is that she is having frequent tantrums. These often drive me nuts. Because Yoli has been working hard the past two days to bake all the cakes and make her fondant, etc, it has fallen to me to keep her occupied. This is easier said than done. But she does seem to enjoy going for walks in the stroller for errands or for no reason at all, except to get her out of the house.

Of course this is not an easy trip for a little girl like her. As Yoli wrote in her earlier entries, Jadzia hasn’t been eating as well on this trip as we would like. She’s mostly eating yogurt with cornflakes, crackers, or grapes. Yesterday she also some cupcakes that Yoli made with leftover cake batter.

I am very hopeful that changing the scenery by going to Samaipata will improve her mood a bit. But then again, it may not. No matter what, I am due to spend a lot more time alone with her as Yoli does the final assembly of the wedding cake in Samaipata. I imagine we’ll go for a lot of walks, etc.

The trip to Samaipata should be good. Jadzia likes taking the buses and taxis, looking out the window, etc. And there is no shortage of scenery on this trip, though it will be longer than any taxi ride she has taken so far (about 3 hours, if I remember correctly). We will rent an entire “express” taxi which will drive us from Santa Cruz all the way out there. We could just pay for ourselves, but then the driver would try to get other passengers. We definitely don’t want other passengers. To rent the whole taxi will be around 125 Bs (about $18).

Well, I need to get going. We’re getting a ride at 2:30 p.m. to go to the place where we catch the express taxi.