Fishing, sheep, and other photos


My brothers-in-law, some of Alcides’ relatives, and me before setting off on our fishing adventure.


A look at all the traffic backed up by the problems on the bridge Paila. We were stuck for hours.


After a while, most of us got out of the truck and walked across the bridge over the Rio Grande to the town on the other side. As you can see, it’s a one-lane bridge with wooden slats for cars to drive on and metal rails for trains (yes, they share the same bridge deck).


The first fish I ever caught in Bolivia. Pretty much all the fish I caught were this size.


Alcides poses with the cooler full of fish we caught.


Yoli and Jadzia near the end of the dirt road that connects the place where we stayed (Cabañas de Traudi) to Samaipata.


There were sheep at Traudi, along with other animals (dogs, cats, parrot). Jadzia loved to see all the animals, though she didn’t look to excited about taking this photo.


I wanted to try and get some photos that showed off the views we had from Traudi


This is the wedding cake Yoli worked so hard on while we were in Samaipata.


Jadzia was antsy during the wedding reception, so Yoli and I had to take turns with her outside while the other one ate. As you can see from her expression, she loved dogs.


Corina and Marco cut the wedding cake.


Jadzia holds up a buñuelo that Yoli made after we got back to St. Louis. She consulted the film we made of her dad.


Yoli’s finished buñuelos.


Eating breakfast.

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  1. The past 10 days, I went with a team to work with Nacer Homes in Santa Cruz… and I’m currently going through Bolivia withdrawal (hahah). So I decided to look up Nacer Homes on google and I came upon your page! It was nice to read about someone else’s experiences in the same home. Also, it was nice to see some of Corina’s wedding pictures (I also stopped by El Jordan to visit some of the students at their homes). I just wanted to thank you for sharing your experiences! 😀

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