Family tree

A few months ago, Yoli brought home a MacWorld magazine from the library, which contained a review of some genealogy software. This little review sparked something in me and piqued my interest in family trees.

Certain branches of my family are well-mapped. The Renauds and Lawrences, in particular, have been thoroughly researched.

But I’d also like to find out more about Yoli’s side. For some parts of her family, like her Mom’s side, this may be difficult. Her mom’s family comes from a rural farm area, and its likely records are scarce.

We’ll be able to find out some information by just asking around her family. But that will only get us so far.

So, anybody out there have experience doing genealogical research in Bolivia (particularly around Santa Cruz or Potosi)? I’m curious what resources are available, and where you go to find things like marriage licenses, birth certificates, etc. Are there newspaper archives (or libraries) where you could search for obituaries?

Any info anyone has would be appreciated!

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