Family and food

We spent Wednesday morning visiting some family and letting the girls play. Yoli’s sister Noemi, who hosted Jadzia’s party a couple days ago, lives very close to Yoli’s dad. So we decided to visit them both.

Here’s a photo of Abi wearing her coat and hat and pretending to be cold. The irony is that later this day there was a giant rainstorm (with lots of hail), and Friday was somewhat chilly (upper 60s). Everyone I’ve seen on Friday was pretty much dressed like Abi is here.

Abi and Raquel wanted to show Jadzia one of their videos. It’s a video with a song something like “Father Abraham” where you do a motion, and then the next time you sing a verse, you add another motion. By the time you finish you are doing all these crazy things like patting your head, spinning around, etc. Jadzia was able to catch on fairly well!

Don Hector’s house is just down the street from Noemi’s. Along the way we passed the big soccer field, where a couple of horses were hanging out. Keeping with the animal theme, I also threw in a photo of Don Hector’s chickens. Jadzia got a kick out of seeing all the animals.

Yoli spent the afternoon working on her cakes. One of her big tasks on this trip is to decorate cakes for her niece Leya’s quinceañera (15th birthday) this weekend. It’s a big deal, and the preparations take a while.

This is similar to our trip last year where Yoli made a cake for her friend Corina’s wedding. While she does that, I get to take care of the girls. Happily Jadzia and Ludi are in much better spirits than Jadzia was last year when she was miserable. But, we are running a bit low on things to do. Hopefully I won’t be pulling my hair out by Saturday night.