Wednesday in photos 3: Tio Adonai’s house

Wednesday evening we visited Yoli’s tio Adonai. He and his wife Miriam have three puppies, a cat, and a parrot. Jadzia and Ludi had a fun time, though Jadzia got too silly at the end of the visit and wouldn’t speak Spanish very well.

Here’s Yoli and Jadzia during the bus ride home

2 Replies to “Wednesday in photos 3: Tio Adonai’s house”

  1. It looks like Ludi and Uncle Adonai were having a great time together. I love that picture.

  2. Josh, what a whirlwind trip there in Bolivia! Looks like Jadzia is having a wonderful time. I pray for endurance for you and Yoli to keep up with the girls!
    Love you,
    Aunt Carol

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