Wednesday in photos 4: Sunset

Here are two photos of sunset I took looking down the street where Yoli’s uncle Adonai lives. I’m just curious if anyone likes either of these, thinks they suck, or thinks one is better than the other. I’m especially interested in professional photographic opinions.

2 Replies to “Wednesday in photos 4: Sunset”

  1. Hi Josh, I know you from the PetraZone. I read your site sometimes, but don’t usually note.
    I personally like the first sunset better cause it tends to show more what life is like there, almost postcard-like.
    Jen (Petrafan4life79)

  2. As you’ve probably noticed from our photos, we are big fans of sunset photos. I like the second photo the best because it is offset and different. Enjoy your travels. Tina J.

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