Stuck in Santa Cruz

Yoli called American Airlines and got bad news this morning: her flight had been cancelled. She rescheduled for a flight that will leave Sept. 24. Basically, she’s going to be there 10 more days.

The rhetoric in Bolivia is not ratcheting down. It’s getting worse and worse, with president Evo Morales now calling the violence in the country a fascist coup attempt.

He has imposed martial law on the province of Pando, flown in troops to restore order, and declared Pando’s governor a wanted man, blaming him for the violence there. The death toll in Pando now has reached 28.

There’s a good story on how this is playing out for everyday people in Santa Cruz, which is where Yoli is staying.

I will try to provide more information as I get it. Please pray that Yoli and the girls and our friends and family will continue to be safe … and that flights will resume as soon as possible.

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