The big girl

I had a nice chat with Yoli tonight. Here are some excerpts from that conversation:

The Alasitas Fair is opening tomorrow. I would like to go. Maybe I can get some crafts or aguayos, or something to decorate our home. But I’m not sure … the artisans from other parts of Bolivia haven’t come because of the blockades on the roads to Santa Cruz.

I hope I can find some puzzles or brain teasers at the fair, like the ones at the Science Center. But I’m not sure if I’ll find what I want. It is usually busy on weekends, so I might try going on Monday.

This morning, Ludi used the potty. So, Jadzia said she was old and big and didn’t need the little potty. She climbed up onto the toilet seat (without the adaptor) and was like that almost all day. But eventually, she told me she was going to use the adaptor. I was afraid she would fall inside.

The ironic thing is, Jadzia says she is big, but often she still wants us to help spoon-feed her.

Marco has been very nice to Jadzia. She likes to see him working and when he says “hi”, she comes back to report to me that he said “hi” to her. Everything he says, she comes back to me to report it.

The other day, he told her in a scary voice “Jadzia, soy un loboooooooooo” (Jadzia, I am a wolf).

Jadzia laughed loud and came to tell me, “Marco dice que está un lobo, está chistoso.” (Marco said that he is a wolf. He’s funny.)

Now when she sees him, she asks, “Marco está un lobo?” (she’s not using the correct verb, but you get the point)

Jadzia also gets excited when she sees Corina and keeps asking her what she’s doing.

She speaks Spanish almost all the time and even asks me to sing some songs in their Spanish version.