What Yoli’s up to

Despite the events roiling parts of Bolivia, Yoli and the girls are doing just fine. Yoli taught three days of cake decorating classes for girls at El Jordán, and she also spent some time teaching quilling techniques.

She’s been spending a lot of time with family, too, including showing some of her sisters how to bake American treats like chocolate chip cookies. She said the batch she did down there was better than any she has made up here! That’s a real reversal, because usually her American recipes don’t turn out so well down there — ingredients like baking powder aren’t formulated the same, and the heating in ovens is inconsistent.

Jadzia is speaking Spanish almost exclusively, but there are a few English speakers around who engage her (plus Marco has been trying to practice some English on her). I talked with her for a bit on the phone yesterday and she sounded pretty good.