Yoli’s Friday

Yoli sent me the following update, which I am posting for her:

Well, I’m at Eliza’s today. Boris wanted to learn how to make a lemon pie. But it seemed to me he wasn’t that interested. I don’t know, maybe it’s just I’m so tired here. I can’t wait to go back home.

My mom cooked “Sabalo” fish, which was good. I made the lemon pie, with little help from Boris, but we haven’t eaten it yet. Jadzia and Ludi are napping, but Jadzia has a fever. I brought the video camera, so I hope I can film my mom later.

Things here in Santa Cruz, well in Bolivia don’t look good. I saw in the news today that all international flights are cancelled, at least till this weekend. But we’ll see what happens. I hope everything goes back to normal. What worries me is that one of Jadzia’s medicine might run out if we stay here longer.

Tonight my friend Dora should have her baby delivered by c-section. I’m going to call her home tomorrow and find out how she is and I’ll try to visit her.

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  1. Hi there! Is that Dora Garcia or someone else? So sorry to hear that you got stuck in Bolivia with the current unrest. However, this way, Yoli, you have firsthand knowledge of how your family is doing. Believe me, we are praying for Bolivia, for the people and particularly for our friends and family in Christ. Greetings to the friends. Fe

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