Bolivia supporting Iran’s nuclear program?

The Associated Press reports that a secret Israeli government document says Venezuela and Bolivia are supplying Iran with uranium.

I really hope this isn’t true.

What will be the ramifications in terms of Bolivia’s relationship with the United States?

UPDATE: Bolivia is forcefully denying the report. Here are some follow-up stories:

One Reply to “Bolivia supporting Iran’s nuclear program?”

  1. Bolivia and Venezuela sending Uranium to Iran? that made my night, ha-ha, what a good joke!
    …FTR, Venezuela and Bolivia aren’t on that list. Maybe Brazil can come around and do something about it…
    And specifically for Bolivia’s part, I can tell you 100% for sure (because I live there) that our technological capability to produce something as elaborated as Enriched uranium or even plain mineral is simply non-existant. Heck, even extracting another mineral (the lithium) is causing us a pain in the ass lately. A lithium extracting plant is being built and it’s “supposed” to begin extracting minerals by 2010, but because of the many complications that emerged along the way (like the fact of having no roads/powerlines/qualified technicians at all) it seems that the project is stalled undefinitively (..and in Bolivia things tend to stay like that…sigh).
    Also, the fact that this report comes from Israeli sources makes them more suspicious…did you know that the Bolivian government was the very first to break relations with Israel after the Gaza strip attacks began? and that Venezuela was the second to do it? until now, Israel had nothing to do with us (we were like 2 guys stuck in a party who doesn’t know each other and don’t talk to each other much) but after this break-up, they come claiming in some out-of-the-sleeve report that we’re producing and selling something that we don’t even have. WTF?
    Well, that way to show things and to point somebody you don’t like isn’t new. The US also did it in Irak, claiming that they were producing WMDs. And guess what? they had nothing. Zero. Nada. Its the kind of propaganda that small group of people use to start wars, and nothing more.
    I suggest to read more people. Everyone. Things really aren’t what some random guy/website/other tells us to be. Search the truth and read about it. Please do it, and do it right. There is no worse blind people that those who doesn’t want to see.
    (Sorry for grammar, English is not my native language.)

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