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Dozens of Kyle Katarns and Jans fight against Desann (who looks like a storm trooper because this is the JKII demo)

My father-in-law recently bought a laptop. He has used it to Skype with us occasionally while we were in the States, and that was good. I think it help the kids get ready for the trip to Bolivia.

Now that we are here, we have been trying to help him set up the laptop: adding favorites to his web browser, creating a Facebook account, and adding games to his hard drive (so he doesn’t waste money playing internet games).

So far I have installed Angry Birds Rio, BillardGL (an open-source pool simulator), F1 2002 demo (auto racing), Pocket Tanks, Tuxracer, and the Jedi Knight II demo. I also came across, which had some really cool games, and more so some critical information that I needed for some levels in Diablo 2 that I was playing.

They are all fun games, and hopefully he’ll like them. The trickiest part will be leaving him notes so he remembers how to play. (Only the Billiards has a Spanish mode so far as I can tell).

I played JKII today with the kids while Yoli was El Jordán teaching a cake class. As I played, I realized that I did the same thing when I was in Bolivia 10 years ago. At that time I had a Pismo PowerBook G3 laptop with the same demo. Internet access then was just dialup, and even that wasn’t available in my room, so my gaming options were limited. I played that demo over and over.

Eventually I started using cheat codes to spawn massive battles between good and evil NPCs. I found that there was a huge arena-like area right under the landing platform at the beginning of the demo, which could be accessed using NOCLIP. I would turn on NOTARGET mode, spawn dozens of good guys, then spawn one bad guy — and watch the free-for-all begin. Very entertaining.

I did it again tonight, on Don Hector’s Windows 7 laptop. Still fun a decade later.

I wonder if he’ll enjoy the game as much as I did.

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