Jesy’s quinceañera

Yoli works on the cake

Last night was our last hurrah in Bolivia: Jesy’s quinceañera.

Yoli worked on a chocolate cake for her, but the decoration didn’t go quite as well as she hoped. Still, it proved very tasty.

We went over to El Jordan where the party was to be held. Lucy was there, but nobody else. It soon became clear that the party, which was supposed to start around 6:30 would instead start on Bolivian time.

Noemi arrived with some balloons, and all the kids went nuts playing with them. It’s a good thing they had something to do, since it didn’t really kick off until sometime after 8 p.m.

Eliza and her kids provided musical entertainment, there were some blessings and speeches, and food.

One highlight came later when we tried to talk Joseph into singing in a microphone. He wouldn’t do it at first, but as is typical with him, once he decided to start (singing “It’s a Good Day to be from California” by the O.C. Supertones), he wouldn’t stop.

Jesy looked happy and pretty. She wore a special bracelet Ludi had made for her in San Ignacio from some sort of leaf.

Joseph slept briefly before we ate, but after eating he was raring to go. Josie, on the other hand, was wiped out and slept until we got home, except for a brief moment where I woke her up to eat cake.

Raquel and Jadzia blow up balloons

Eliza and Melany perform

Jesy blows out the candles

The Peña family: Leya, Jesy, Juan, Jonatan, Lucy

Joseph belts out “It’s a Good Day to be from California”

Joseph finally gives Tia Sara a kiss

All the grand kids except Josie and Joseph.

Josie, plumb tuckered out

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