Shields up!

Joseph, Ludi, and Josie make shields with other kids in Ms. Heidi’s class.

Ms. Heidi invited Ludi, Josie and Joseph to attend her children’s class at El Jordan on Tuesday morning. Joseph was reluctant (I pretty much had to drag him), but it turns out they had a lot of fun.

They started the class by crumpling newspapers into balls and throwing them at Ms. Heidi. Just about everything was hitting her. Then she suggested that a shield would help her avoid being hit. She took a lid from a large plastic container and managed to deflect most of the balls. She then linked this object lesson to the armor of God and talked about how the Bible is like a shield against the devil’s fiery darts. After class was finished, Ludi helped to clean and sweep the room.

Joseph makes his shield. He wrote the name “H.M.S. Syren” on it.

Ludi sweeps after class

Later on we went to see Don Hector and Doña Lucila. The kids immediately went to play in the sand. Meanwhile I helped Don Hector with some technology stuff. We tried to figure out how to work a small portable camera he had purchased. Then I helped reroute the audio out of his television down to his stereo. Now he can watch his local news without having to have use a backup black-and-white television to hear the sound.

Ludi makes some sort of transaction with Don Hector at the kiosko.

Don Hector and Doña Lucila’s chickens

The kids were right back to playing in the sand. Josie made all sorts of things she was eager to show me: flying saucers, Mt. Marble, a lamppost, the Arch, Truckfoot (a Spiderman leg connected to a yellow truck), and Barad-Dur.

Josie shows off her creations, sitting next to Jose Miguel.

Joseph, Jadzia and Ludi play

After a while we had some mate. Doña Lucila prepared arepas and wanted to make masaco, but eventually we had to get home since Yoli was expecting visitors at El Jordan in the evening.

Joseph eats an arepa while Don Hector prepared some mate

Our first visit was from Cesia, Yoli’s friend. She recently lost a son, and there was much to talk about. Later on we received Lucy and Yonatan and Yessy. It was our last visit with them, so we took photos and said goodbye.

Yoli and Cesia

Yonatan, Yessy, Yoli,and Josh

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