Walking the tarmac

Photo of our airplane, taken from the tarmac.

Our plane trip to Miami went well for the most part. Of course there was the requisite waiting in various lines for lengthy periods of time. But one thing was very different: we got to walk on the tarmac and climb the stairs to get into the airplane, like they used to do in the old days. I guess something was wrong with the jetway. However, before I could get to the tarmac, I was informed I had been selected for extra screening. So Yoli and the kids walked on, while I stayed behind to take my shoes off and let a security person swab my clothes and luggages checking for contraband substances.

I had to walk to the tarmac alone, because TSA chose me for extra screening, while the rest of my family continued on.

Stairway to the plane

The flights themselves went well. Ludi and Yoli had some problems with their ears, and I had sinus pressure throughout the flight, but nobody got sick, thankfully.

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