Leaving La Paz

On Saturday morning we hoped to have clear skies so we could get a good photo of La Paz with Illimani in the background. But the clouds foiled us again.

So we took a bus to Calle Jaen, a quiet historic street in La Paz, which is home to four municipal museums. We wanted to see these museums before we left later in the afternoon for Copacabana, where we would see Lake Titicaca.

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Walking, bus ride, walking, walking, bus ride, walking, walking, bus ride…

We awoke early this morning feeling much better than yesterday. We both slept fairly well, though the beds are a bit….bowed, I guess. My neck was still a bit sore from the plane ride, too.

We changed our plans for Friday because we heard about a transportation strike scheduled for Monday, the day we originally intended to leave La Paz. Travel will probably be impossible that day, so we realized we would have to leave for Oruro on Sunday night instead of Monday. That forced us to push up our excursions to the ruins of Tiwanaku and Lake Titicaca. On tap for today was Tiwanaku.

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New year’s resolution: return to Bolivia

Well, there’s only two days until Yoli and I embark on our first trip to Bolivia since marrying.

Unlike my previous extended trip, this time we will pack very light because we intend to do two weeks of travelling before heading to her hometown, Santa Cruz. If all works out, we plan to visit La Paz, Lake Titicaca, Uyuni (a huge salt-covered lake/desert), Sucre (the white city), and Potosi (once the biggest city in the Americas because of its silver mine).

We’ll use this weblog to talk about our adventures, so please keep checking back every few days. Feel free to leave comments, too.

If you aren’t familiar with our story, you can also read the archives here to learn more. You’ll learn about our cross-cultural adventures in becoming engaged, getting a marriage visa, marrying, and getting Yoli’s green card. It’s been quite a ride!

Of course if you need to reach us while we’re gone, just send an email.