Splittin’ the blogs

Okay, here’s the deal… I started this “Amazing Adventures in Bolivia” weblog several years ago to chronicle my adventures as I traveled to a new country and spent time with the woman who would later become my wife, Yoli. Over the years, “Amazing Adventures” has stayed fairly Bolivia-focused.

Recently, though, we’ve been posting a lot of our family news here. That’s been bothering me, because our baby pictures are not particularly Bolivia-related.

So I created a separate weblog called The Extraordinary Renaud Family where we will write about our family news and what’s happening here in the Renaud apartmenthold.

All the entries related to our new baby, Jadzia, have been moved to this new Family weblog, which we will continue to update regularly.

As for this “Amazing Adventures in Bolivia” weblog, it is not dead. We are planning another trip to Bolivia that will take place in January 2006. We will chronicle that trip here. We will also write about happenings in Bolivia involving our friends there, as well as the political situation.

So, to sum up. The Renauds now have 2 weblogs: A FAMILY weblog and a BOLIVIA weblog. We hope you’ll keep reading them both!

New year’s resolution: return to Bolivia

Well, there’s only two days until Yoli and I embark on our first trip to Bolivia since marrying.

Unlike my previous extended trip, this time we will pack very light because we intend to do two weeks of travelling before heading to her hometown, Santa Cruz. If all works out, we plan to visit La Paz, Lake Titicaca, Uyuni (a huge salt-covered lake/desert), Sucre (the white city), and Potosi (once the biggest city in the Americas because of its silver mine).

We’ll use this weblog to talk about our adventures, so please keep checking back every few days. Feel free to leave comments, too.

If you aren’t familiar with our story, you can also read the archives here to learn more. You’ll learn about our cross-cultural adventures in becoming engaged, getting a marriage visa, marrying, and getting Yoli’s green card. It’s been quite a ride!

Of course if you need to reach us while we’re gone, just send an email.

I finally moved it…

Shortly after coming back to the States, I created a new website (joshrenaud.com) to serve as my “business” site. I put up examples of my work as a writer, newspaper page designer, and web designer.

I have since begun migrating all my “personal” sites to this new server… While they were once scattered all over the place, now they all exist as subdomains of one server.

So you can find GrossWorld at joshrenaud.com/grossworld/. And of course this Bolivia blog is now located at joshrenaud.com/bolivia/

If you bookmarked this site, please make sure you update your bookmark, since I’ll soon be pulling the plug on the old address (www.joshrenaud.addr.com).

Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve, and all’s quiet here. I spent the last hour and a half tweaking the stylesheets for this weblog, and I think I’ve finally found a format that I like.

The main thing on my mind is going to Bolivia and seeing Yoli again. I miss her very much.

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