Computer games

Dozens of Kyle Katarns and Jans fight against Desann (who looks like a storm trooper because this is the JKII demo)

My father-in-law recently bought a laptop. He has used it to Skype with us occasionally while we were in the States, and that was good. I think it help the kids get ready for the trip to Bolivia.

Now that we are here, we have been trying to help him set up the laptop: adding favorites to his web browser, creating a Facebook account, and adding games to his hard drive (so he doesn’t waste money playing internet games).

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Learning to avoid motorcycles — and detect counterfeits


Yesterday I mentioned how the kids are learning the ways of Bolivian buses. Today, Jadzia had a narrow scrape with a motorcycle.

Buses in Bolivia are numbered and follow set routes. You have to be on the correct side of the street along their route to catch the one you want. So oftentimes we have to cross busy streets together. This time Jadzia went across just a little too fast, which normally would be smart. A motorcycle screeched around her. No harm done, thankfully.

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Video: Harmonicas

Harmonicas from Josh Renaud on Vimeo.

Jadzia and Ludi brought two harmonicas so they could both play harmonicas with Don Hector.

I shot some video and edited on the iPad. It’s sort of an experiment to see how much the iPad can handle (it’s 1080p video) and how long it takes to upload. The video was only a minute and a half, and the iPad was fine with it. Bt the u/l was quite slow. It did complete, though, so here it is. Enjoy!

Blustery birthday

Thursday was Yoli’s birthday and her dad insisted we have a big meal of salteñas to celebrate. So we came over in the late morning to his place so Yoli could watch/learn/help him prepare the food.

A big wind had kicked up that lasted all day. Dust was flying all over the place. It was Ceti Alpha V come to life.

(How do you like that for a Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan reference?)

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A tasty and festive day

Bolivia’s Independence Day is this Friday, and the official state celebration will be held this year in Santa Cruz, rather than Sucre or La Paz (the capital and government seat of the country, respectively).

There are lots of festivities leading up to the day. This morning we went to Yoli’s old school, Instituto Superior de Bellas Artes, which her niece Melany now attends.

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