I feel like Gollum

In “The Two Towers” he moans and screams “It burns, it burns us!” because of the Elf-made rope that Samwise uses to tie him up.

Well, my arms they are a-burnin’ and a-stingin’ from my immunization shots. But that’s okay… At least I’ll be protected and healthy on my trip. And thankfully I got in and out of the health clinic quickly.

Quick enough, in fact, that I was able to get to UMSL in time to take my second (and final) exit exam. With that out of the way, I should officially graduate this Sunday. Wow, how about that. I made it out in 4.5 years. Not bad!

The inescapability of exams

Today I’m taking one of two required “exit exams” so that I can graduate from UMSL.

I’ve fulfilled all my academic requirements for my communication degree. But unless I take these tests, I can’t graduate. The ridiculous thing is that these tests mean nothing. If I get all the answers wrong on the test, I still graduate. I am only required to take them.

Anyway, I keep thinking of this as my “second-to-last test ever,” but my heart knows better… tests are inescapable. I’m sure I’ll have to take more of them at some point down the road.