Sunday with the family

We spent Sunday in Yoli’s neighborhood.

We headed to her parents house first thing, and they showed us the new store and kitchen which are nearly finished. The old kiosko still stands, but it will be removed before long.

To get ready for lunch, we had to start moving some things into the new kitchen, like Doña Lucila’s little old propane stove. Her daughters all want her to replace it with a new stove, but she refuses because it was a wedding gift. And besides, it still works fine, she says.

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MARRIED – At long last!

Greetings from Mr. and Mrs. Josh Renaud!

Unfortunately we never really had a chance to connect my computer to the internet to update the website. We were just too busy!

However, rest assured that the week went very well and we are back in the States, preparing to enjoy our honeymoon at Clearwater Lake near Piedmont, Missouri.

Of course, you probably want to know about the wedding. It was an amazing and memorable experience.
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Back in Bolivia: My week-long journey to marriage begins

I’m dealing with one of those classic “unrealities” right now. Here I am, back in Bolivia after nine months away. I’ve been re-united with the love of my life, I’ve greeted and spent most of the day with my future-in-laws, I attended the Avant prayer meeting and caught up with several missionaries I knew before (and heard reports about those I knew who were absent).

The unreality is that my parents are here.
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