Our rights at the border

That I hate the changes to U.S. airport security since Sept. 11, 2001 is no secret to anyone who has traveled with me or has listened to me talk about my travels.

On Daring Fireball, John Gruber linked to an eye-opening story by Paul Karl Lukacs on his blog “Knife Tricks.”

Basically, Lukacs refuses to answer questions posed by passport control agents. His stance is that a U.S. citizen cannot be denied entry to the U.S., and that once a citizen has furnished proof of his citizenship and a written customs declaration, he is not obligated to answer any questions.

On this particular trip from China, he was detained in San Francisco for refusing to answer questions.

The blog post has caught attention across the web. To me, the guy is a hero. This passage sums it up for me: “To the extent that people decline to assert their right of privacy, it slips away. Lack of vigilance by citizens begets more government power.”

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