A rocky return and a reconciliation

At last it was time to say goodbye to La Víspera and Samaipata and return to the big city.

I woke early and climbed back up to El Trono to try to take more panoramic photos. I’ll have to stitch those together when I get back to St. Louis.

We ate the rest of our bread, cleaned up the cabin, and prepared to get a taxi.

The thing with taxis is that no matter how clearly you explain that you want something, such as an express taxi straight to Santa Cruz with no stops to pick up passengers, the drivers always seem to be unaware of the arrangement you made in the phone. One side of me thinks this is innocent; another side can’t shake the feeling it’s a ploy to charge higher fares, since it’s happened to us three times so far.

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Photos before and after the wedding

After months of long waiting, we finally got a new scanner to replace the old one (which I’m still trying to sell, hint hint). So here are a few more photos from the days before the wedding and afterward.


Yoli and I at “Las Cuevas”, a scenic spot between Santa Cruz and Samaipata with lots of waterfalls. This picture was taken the same day I badly sunburned my legs, but before they had begun turning a deep shade of red that would last for weeks.

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MARRIED – At long last!

Greetings from Mr. and Mrs. Josh Renaud!

Unfortunately we never really had a chance to connect my computer to the internet to update the website. We were just too busy!

However, rest assured that the week went very well and we are back in the States, preparing to enjoy our honeymoon at Clearwater Lake near Piedmont, Missouri.

Of course, you probably want to know about the wedding. It was an amazing and memorable experience.
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Back in Bolivia: My week-long journey to marriage begins

I’m dealing with one of those classic “unrealities” right now. Here I am, back in Bolivia after nine months away. I’ve been re-united with the love of my life, I’ve greeted and spent most of the day with my future-in-laws, I attended the Avant prayer meeting and caught up with several missionaries I knew before (and heard reports about those I knew who were absent).

The unreality is that my parents are here.
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