The inescapability of exams

Today I’m taking one of two required “exit exams” so that I can graduate from UMSL.

I’ve fulfilled all my academic requirements for my communication degree. But unless I take these tests, I can’t graduate. The ridiculous thing is that these tests mean nothing. If I get all the answers wrong on the test, I still graduate. I am only required to take them.

Anyway, I keep thinking of this as my “second-to-last test ever,” but my heart knows better… tests are inescapable. I’m sure I’ll have to take more of them at some point down the road.

Swimming in PowerBooks

Well, the past few days I’ve been trying desperately to find a good deal on an Apple PowerBook or iBook to take with me to Bolivia. While I’m down there I’ll be designing a website for the Seminario Teologico de Hebron, and probably helping some other missionaries with publications.

Twice I thought I had hooked up with somebody who had the perfect computer at the right price, but both times it hasn’t worked out, and not because of anything I’ve done.

I know if I am patient God will lead me to a very good deal. I just have to trust him. But it’s not easy… I’ve got a lot of offers from folks… and none of them are exactly what I need. Some are less, some are more. But I know it will work out.

A rollercoaster day

Today was a mix of emotions. I was delighted to get an hour to chat with Yoli online this morning and to find out that our god-child was delivered safely last night. She doesn’t have a name yet, so I suggested a few names from the Bible.

But unfortunately, other things happened that clouded my day.

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Christmas has come and gone


I was pretty happy with Christmas this year. I received some very thoughtful gifts… some things that will be quite useful for my trip (camera, luggage, etc) and some things that will be great for when I come home (bowling shoes, etc).

My brother Justin and his fiancee were in town, and it’s always good to see him. This Christmas is probably the start of big changes in our traditions. He’ll be married in a little more than a week, and I’m sure it won’t be long before I am, too. The family is changing, and that takes getting used to, but it’s been exciting.

Christmas Eve

It’s Christmas Eve, and all’s quiet here. I spent the last hour and a half tweaking the stylesheets for this weblog, and I think I’ve finally found a format that I like.

The main thing on my mind is going to Bolivia and seeing Yoli again. I miss her very much.

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