She is … Josie … of Borg

Today was rainy and cool, and the kids had to make their own fun.

So it was that in the evening while Yoli was away at El Jordán teaching a class, I heard Josie droning in a robotic voice.

And, well, see for yourself…

Video: Harmonicas

Harmonicas from Josh Renaud on Vimeo.

Jadzia and Ludi brought two harmonicas so they could both play harmonicas with Don Hector.

I shot some video and edited on the iPad. It’s sort of an experiment to see how much the iPad can handle (it’s 1080p video) and how long it takes to upload. The video was only a minute and a half, and the iPad was fine with it. Bt the u/l was quite slow. It did complete, though, so here it is. Enjoy!