So why am I going to Bolivia, anyway?

I guess I haven’t written here about WHY exactly I’m going to Bolivia. Well, put simply, there are two reasons: my girlfriend Yoli and volunteer work.

seminary.jpg Let me first tell you about the volunteer work. I was invited to come to Santa Cruz and help the Seminario Teolñgico de Hebron with their website. They will be taking care of my housing while I’m there and I will design their website. I also expect to help other missionaries and Christian workers in Santa Cruz, like Corina Clements, who runs El El Jordán, which helps street kids.

This is the reason I purchased a PowerBook, so that I can bring all my web and print design tools with me.

I’m also going to visit my girlfriend Yoli Zegarra. I’ve known her for almost 3 years. We met through my Petra website. She first wrote to me asking for permission to translate some of the articles I had written on my site into Spanish. She wanted to develop her own Spanish Petra website.

josh_yoli_current_banquet.jpg Yoli was in the U.S. for a year, from Aug. 2001 to July 2002. She lived in St. Louis for 3 or 4 months with a host family and worked at Plowsharing Crafts in the Delmar Loop.

I love her very much and it’s been 6 months since I last saw her, so this is an exciting opportunity for us.

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  1. Josh, I’m getting your messages, but all mine to you still bounce back. I tried sending to you via AOL, don’t know if that worked. This comment box is wierd; if I keep writing it won’t scroll and it also covers up the “post” button. Anyway, now I know Yoli’s name. Will read the articles with interest.

  2. Yo BRO!!!!
    Glad you enjoyed the wedding. It was pretty funny getting to read your synopsis of all that went on. This is a very thorough journal. You do an exzcellent job of documenting all that goes on in your day.
    This will be an excellent tool for us to maintain communication while you are away. Just wanted to let you know that the honeymoon was outstanding, and we got a whole lot of great stuff (which is the important reason for the wedding). I have a set of silverware that mom and dad got me that you can have when you come back. It is a good set, but considering the fact that we received 3 sets of new silverware (yikes) we won’t be needing it. I figured you would be the best man to give it to.
    Well…gotta run, talk to you later.

  3. Hi Josh,
    Thanks for sharing your BLOG with me. Your journal (and soon to be adventure) are pure Josh–professionally done, thorough, and interesting. A great way for me to catch up on your life and activities…and I hope to meet Yoli sometime! Hope all is set for your trip. Good luck!
    Gary Grace

  4. Looks like it could be a life altering trip.
    Do you think you’ll be exposed to the poor and desolute like we see on TV, or more or less confined to a middle class setting?

  5. hi josh! Interesting to see you continuing your adventures in this world and in cyberspace! But besides that, I look forward to beating your score in bowling next week! (just kidding…maybe!) Have a great time!

  6. Hey, Josh! It’s going to be great going to Bolivia with you. We have been seeing the plan of your life unfold in truly amazing ways. Congrats on your graduation – on to the next adventure.
    Like we tell our own kids, “Be smart, Josh”
    Love, Carolyn & Sam

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