You asked for photos, you’re getting photos

I just got back 50 digital images on CD. Oh yeah, baby… 500 megs of photographic beauty. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.


I’m on the roof of a building near the Basílica Menor de San Lorenzo.


Five Iron Frenzy fans, here it is, “milk in a bag.” Only it’s not from Canada, it’s from Bolivia. P.S. Tony the Tiger says “Grrrrrriquisima!” on this box of Zucaritas.


Jessi, the younger of two daughters of Yoli’s sister Lucy.


A protest near the Plaza.


I’m standing around in one of Santa Cruz’s many large markets.


This is what my mom’s prized tree from Texas could have grown up to be if we still lived in Texas’ warm climate.


Yoli stands under a tree for shade while we wait for a bus to take us back to Santa Cruz from Hogar Nacer.


Uncle Adonai’s parrot eats some fruit from my hand.

adonai's dogs

Four bichon-type dogs, wet after Uncle Adonai gave them each baths.


Traffic in Bolivia is not for the faint of heart.

4 Replies to “You asked for photos, you’re getting photos”

  1. Hi, Josh. I just got caught up reading your entries from the past week, and admiring your photographic skills. In these photos you are certainly obviously a norteamericano! At UMSL we’ve finished the third week of classes for the semester and things are moving along. Keep having great experiences and making your contribution to the mission. I’ve made a Mac discovery of my own…your site works much better in Explorer than in NetScape 4.7!

  2. Judi, you’re absolutely right. This site won’t work in non-standards-compliant browsers. That includes Netscape 4.7 and older, as well as IE 4 and older. IE 5 PC has a few significant bugs in it, but my page displays fine in it.
    Netscape 6 and 7, IE 5 Mac, and IE 6 PC are all about 90-99% standards compliant. The recent version of Opera is also good, I hear, but I haven’t tried it.
    I highly recommend upgrading to Netscape 7. Once you experience the joys of tabbed browsing, you will wonder why you waited so long to upgrade. 🙂
    If you’re using Mac OS X, another browser worth checking out is called Chimera. It won’t work for OS 8/9, though.

  3. and you couldn`t post a pic of you hugging her uh?
    I feel like a daughter without pics of her parents hugging LOL!!!!!!!!

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