Movies, moving around, and El Mallku

We brought a bunch of DVDs to watch with family here… but since I don’t have a power cord for my PowerBook, we are unable to watch them. But, we did bring four short movies we filmed on our video camera showing Jadzia and my parents. Since these were on the camera and not the computer, we were able to show them.

Transportation has been fun. Buses are just as crazy as always. Now that we have a video camera, I am tempted to try to sit in front of a bus and make a movie of a route traversing the city. It would feel like a roller coaster to anyone who watched it. The problem of course is showing the video camera in public. We might try the “hidden camera” approach and put it in a bag with a hole… Well, if we do it, it will be toward the end of the trip. But this is an idea I can’t let go of.

On the political front, today various indigenous groups had a symbolic ceremony for president-elect Evo Morales. The ceremony was held at the ruins in Tiwanaku. Yoli and I were at Tiwanaku last year, visiting the same ruins where this all took place. You can read about or see photos of our time there last January.

I may not have this exactly right, but I believe the indigenous groups were declaring Evo their “mallku.” Mallku is an Aymara word, which means something like “the boss” or “leader of the community.” Evo, of course, is the first indigenous president to be elected in Bolivia. He said many things like “We will continue the fight of Che Guevara” and “This is like the plaza of the revolution of Cuba,” linking himself with prominent latin american socialist historical events.

Tomorrow he will actually be inaugurated as president. I want to give him the benefit of a doubt, though I disagree with many of his proposed policies. I’m not sure many in Santa Cruz feel the same way, though. If he follows through in trying to nationalize the petroleum companies, Santa Cruz may push for independence. But that’s a long way down the road. We’ll see how it goes.

One other tidbit: since being elected, Evo has become something of a fashion trendsetter. His familiar dark brown sweater is being copied and sold across the country.

Final note: I am still trying to resolve my missing-cable situation. I’ve identified several possible Apple dealers… I just need to get to a phone and call them.