Wrapping up

The last few days we’ve been spending most of our time visiting friends and family and taking care of various errands. We’ve really been packing a lot into our time here, but we haven’t been able to do everything we wanted. We had been talking about visiting a nearby city, Cotoca, which is renowned for its handicrafts. They have a large market on Sunday where you can buy all sorts of beautiful textiles, pottery, and much more. There have been political problems there, though. The people are riled up over an issue involving the mayor and many of our friends suggested it wasnñt safe to go. We ended up not having enough time Sunday, anyway. So, that’s another thing we’ll save for the next trip. We may still try to buy a hammock while we are here, but right now I’m leaning toward putting that off until the next trip, too.

Today (Tuesday) we will hold a birthday party for one of Yoli’s sisters, which will also double as a goodbye party for us. We’re hoping to get the entire family together, which is no small feat since they currently live spread out all over the area. I’m not sure if all the grandchildren will be there or not. If they are, it will be a crazy time.

Tonight we hope to go out to a nice restaurant and enjoy some Bolivian cuisine. It should be a pleasant way to wrap up the trip.