Video from Nacer

I recently completed a video that Yoli and I shot when we visited the Hogar Nacer boys’ home in January. (I know, it took forever)

You can see it on the Nacer Ministries website.

UPDATE (April 2013):

The website I designed for Nacer Ministries has been superseded by a new website: Nacer USA. Please visit this site for the latest information about Nacer.

You can still see my original design for the Nacer Ministries website thanks to the Internet Archive. The video we shot is also available there.

One Reply to “Video from Nacer”

  1. Hey, i just dropped by this website randomly and found that you mention “Los Lomitos” in Santa Cruz, Bolivia.
    My uncle, as in my mother’s brother, is the owner of that restaurant. His name is Stephen Weiss.
    I was so glad to read about your visit there. Also, I couldn’t help but notice your repeated mention of “Mexican” restaurants in Bolivia. I don’t know for sure, but I think I’ve only ever seen one or two Mexican restaurants in Bolivia, if any. Most restaurants are either of Bolivian, Argentinian, Peruvian, Chilean, or Brazilian. “Los Lomitos” is of an Argentinian ranchero motif.
    Anyway, Bolivia is an amazing country. I’ve been all over it, what with much of my mother’s side of the family residing in Cochabamba.
    I enjoyed your written entries.

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